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25 August 2017

Kenneth A. Oye, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Political Science and Data Systems and Society Director of Program on Emerging Technologies Faculty Affiliate in Center for Biomedical Innovation, Synthetic Biology Center, and Internet Policy Research Institute

GOAL: To provide input into institution building necessary for data-driven innovation for the Korean healthcare system. Rapid change in healthcare IS driven by availability of genetic, preclinical, clinical, and real-world patient data and development of data storage and analysis technology. Public sector and private sector need to use abundant data from various sources as basis for innovation. Regulations protecting privacy and requiring consent and other public policies affect the assembly, curation and utilization of data. The project examines policies in US, EU, Japan. The Korean and US teams will jointly develop suggestions for Korean policy. In operational terms, the project will foster pooling of  claims data, health records,  payer records, biobank samples, genomic information and registries to improve public health and biosecurity, therapeutic effectiveness and safety, and biomedical innovation

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