2016 Harvard CHIP KAIST Collaborative Research

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Analysis of the Burden and Management of Heart Failure in the Republic of Korea

The study aim is to ascertain the performance of the health system in Korea by exploring management of a cardiovascular disease, heart failure, as a tracer condition. The assessment will enable formulation of effective strategies that may improve the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in Korea. Specifically, the study objectives are to analyze (1)the current national healthcare system in Korea with regards to cardiovascular diseases; (2) Korea’s performance with regard to cardiovascular disease management, using heart failure as a tracer condition, from the perspective of patient outcomes, efficiency and cost of care; (3) the global trends for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and where Korea stands in comparison with other countries; (4) healthcare system enablers and bottlenecks in CVD management with global comparison; (5)possible areas of weakness as well as major challenges facing Korea’s healthcare system;(6)possible policy steps for the Korean healthcare system with regards to cardiovascular disease, which involve potential associated costs and presumable benefits.

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