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2018년 8월 8일 업데이트됨

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Project Leader : Jung-Jun Min

Organization : Chonnam National University Medical School

- Research Sector : Attenuated Salmonella-based cancer therapy

- Research Goal : To develop a strategy for targeted cancer immunotherapy using an engineered avirulent S. typhimurium strain secreting FlaB (Toll-like receptor 5 ligand from Vibrio vulnificus flagellin B), which would enhance host immune activation at the desired time and location.

- Therapeutic Area : Solid cancers including colon cancer, melanoma, potentially effective with other types of solid cancer such as hepatocellular carcinoma, breast, lung and pancreatic cancers.

- Stage of Research : Preclinical studies with numerous cancer models in mice.

This strategy has been worked well with both subcutaneous murine colon cancer in immunocompetent mice and orthotopic human colon cancer in nude mice.

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