Pharma-Healthcare Forum

Pharma-Healthcare Economic Forum

The Pharma-Healthcare Economic Forum is a gathering of experts from industry, academia, government, and Institutions to explore technology innovation and global advancement strategies in the Korean bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Over the past 20 years, bio-entrepreneurship has been revitalized by continuous investments in the biotechnology industry and the pharmaceutical industry, and bioclusters such as Osong and Daegu. The biotechnology industry has been attracting attention as a major investment area for venture capital. We have expanded the physical and institutional infrastructure that can carry out all phases of new drug development, including the increase of clinical trial institutions and the certification system for innovative pharmaceutical companies. Biopharmaceutical companies that are successful in the global market are emerging through the preemptive development of biosimilars.

The Pharma-Healthcare Economic Forum is looking for ways to contribute to the quality of public health while at the same time seeking national policies and systems and corporate strategies for sustainable technological innovation and globalization in Korea's bio-pharmaceutical industry. In particular, we hold a forum as a channel to gather opinions from industrial and research field experts and to make them policy-oriented.

Joong Myung Cho  |  PhD, Professor, KAIST

Chang-Yuil Kang  |  PhD, Professor, SNU

Minki Kim  |  PhD, Professor, KAIST

Minki Kim  |  PhD, Professor, KAIST

Wonjoon Kim  |  PhD, Professor, KAIST

Jongdeuk Kim  |  PhD, Professor, KAIST

Hail Kim | PhD, Professor, KAIST

Bonjae Koo  |  PhD, Professor, KAIST

Sunyoung Kim  |  PhD, Professor, SNU

Yong Zu Kim  |  PhD, CEO, LegoChem Biosciences, Inc

Jin-Soo Lee |  MD, PhD, President, National Cancer Center Korea

Jong Wook Lee |  PhD, Advisor, Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Kyu-Hwang Lee  |  PhD, former Executive Director, Korea Research based Pharmaceutical Industry Association; Member of Advisory Committee, Han River Society

KyeHyun Kay Park  |  이사, Novartis Korea, Ltd

Byung-Geon Rhee  |  PhD, President, Green Cross Corp

Jihn U Rhi  |  LLM, Managing Partner, Rhi & Partners (법무법인 세아)

Keunkwan Ryu  |  PhD, Professor of Economics, SNU


Forum History

Pharma-Healthcare Economic Forum


02.25 Is it necessary to update industrial new drugs strategy?


06.30  An expert advisory council for health care system to improve cardiovascular disease

09.21 3D Printing - Medical innovation

10.24 Institution Building for Accessing Healthcare Records in Korea Symposium

10.28 Investigate of Sustainable Healthcare System Symposium


10.24 International Cooperation Strategy for new Drug Development


06.25 (12) Innovation Growth of bio-health Industry through Physician-Scientist Human Resource training


06.17  Crisis &  Solution of global pharmaceutical industry, What should Korean do?



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